Darryl!, originally from Los Angeles, CA, is a resident of Washington, DC.  He is a social entrepreneur; activist, advocate, minister, psycho-therapeutic specialist/motivational speaker, performing artist, and political agent of change.  Darryl! is Chair of the DC Statehood Green Party and National Co-Chair of the US Green Party; also serving as the Co-chair of the GPUS National Black Caucus. He is the co-founder and President/CEO of Inner Light, Inc., and is a Sr. Minister and assistant to the Bishop at Inner Light Ministries. He has served on the boards of the United Association for Labor Education (UALE), the Al Sura Foundation/Al Sura, Inc, Co-chair of  the DC DOH Places of Worship Advisory Board, and serves on Project Healthy Board (The ManDate).  Darryl! has been a member of the U.S. Social Forum National Planning Committee, Creating Change, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (Special Assistant to the President), and UAW/ National Writers Union Local 1981.  Darryl! is also an award-winning director, choreographer and writer.  He has a BA in Performing Arts and Psychology, Masters of Education in Counseling and an M.F.A. in Theater-Directing.  Currently, he is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Transformational Leadership at Concordia University.   His work as an organizer has spanned the country. His passion, and current work, include arts and culture of the progressive community; creating opportunities that will empower, expose, and enlighten individuals and our collective communities. His work (including art, activism and advocacy) is rooted in social justice, equality, and quality of life issues for African-American/People of Color and minority communities, children, youth, families, LGBTQ/SGL constituencies, whole person health, people living with mental and physical challenges, the homeless, as well as HIV/AIDS and other issues facing communities most disenfranchised by local, regional, and national political policies and laws. Darryl! is also the Director of the Charm City Labor Chorus in Baltimore, MD His motto: Remember to Live in LOVE; and let love live in you, through you, around you, and AS you! ~