Our Speakers

Allison Renville

Born and raised with the Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe in Northeast South Dakota.  Also a Hunkpapa Lakota, Allison is a Media Consultant/Political Activist, and more recently someone who took a #StandWithStandingRock. Currently involved in the South Dakota political...

Aiko Dorr-Dorynek

Aiko has a Bachelor of Sciences in Architectural Studies and was a Kitchen Planner at IKEA prior to his retirement. As an AmeriCorps program coordinator at Temple University, he created strategies for independence and inclusion for persons with disabilities. He also...

Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman is a civic technology entrepreneur and good government reformer.

Peter Joseph

Independent Filmmaker and Activist. Founder, The Zeitgeist Movement

Linda Thompson

A Freedom Rider in the early civil rights movement and the Coordinator of the Anti Vietnam War Coalition in Boston in the 60's and 70's, Linda was a founder of the Ecological Health Organization, a Tenant Organizer in Baltimore, AFSCME state and local Officer and...

Gar Alperovitz

Historian, political economist, activist, writer, and former government official

David Swanson

Director, WorldBeyondWar.org and campaign coordinator, RootsAction.org

Rod Brana

Lead organizer, the “Immigration Film Fest.” Draft Bernie for a People’s Party, Steering Committee.

Ida Martinac

Draft Bernie for a People’s Party, Steering Committee

Russell Mokhiber

Russell Mokhiber is editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter, editor of Morgan County USA and founder of Single Payer Action.

Jon Lancelot

Jonathan Fitzgerald Lancelot is a political activist who started his political career in 2002 while attending his alma mater, American University. He began his journey at the Department of Treasury as an extern for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, then...

Hermon Farahi

Filmmaker, anthropologist, musician. Founding member, For the People.

Dr. Paul Thomas

Dr. Paul Thomas is a veteran election integrity activist, citizen journalist, as well as a co-founder of Election Justice USA.

Karena Acree-Páez

Draft Bernie for a People’s Party, Steering Committee. Bernie Sanders Brigade. Standing Rock activist.

Asa Khalif

Black Lives Matter, Philly. Independent Filmmaker, Writer, Producer, Asa Khalif short film

Bill Simpich

Election integrity author and activist, and civil rights attorney

Lulu Friesdat

Emmy award-winning journalist. Documentary Filmmaker. Election integrity activist. Editor. Director: HollerBack- [not] Voting in an American Town

Steve Grumbine

Founder, Real Progressives and advocate for a progressive agenda and progressive economics through the advancement of understanding economics. Steve is a champion of Modern Monetary Theory,

Dan La Botz

Labor activist, academic, journalist, author. Co-founder Teamsters for a Democratic Union. Former 2010 socialist candidate for OH senate.

Bob Fitrakis

Lawyer, political author and writer, political candidate, professor of political science, editor of Columbus Free Press, election integrity expert

Stef Zamorano

The “Miserable Liberal,” Comedian, writer, The Jimmy Dore Show

Ron Placone

Comedian, writer and contributor, The Jimmy Dore Show

Eljeer Hawkins

Eljeer Hawkins, community and anti-war activist, born and raised in Harlem, New York, member of Socialist Alternative/CWI for 22 years.

YahNé Ndgo

YahNé Ndgo works with and supports the work of activists, organizers, and organizations around the country, speaking and facilitating workshops at conferences and events, and organizing with the activists at those events. She works to inspire and motivate others to...

Sue Saltmarsh

Sue Saltmarsh is Executive Director of Demand Universal Healthcare or DUH (“Does America need a new healthcare system? DUH!”). Formerly the copy editor and a writer for Positively Aware magazine, she’s worked in the HIV/AIDS community for over 20 years. Follow Sue and...

Darryl! Moch

Darryl!, originally from Los Angeles, CA, is a resident of Washington, DC.  He is a social entrepreneur; activist, advocate, minister, psycho-therapeutic specialist/motivational speaker, performing artist, and political agent of change.  Darryl! is Chair of the DC...


Sarko is the branch organizer for the DC branch of Socialist Alternative and has been with the organization since December 2016. She works in HIV clinical research and also serves as a core member of the DC divestment campaign,...

Pete Perry

 Pete Perry is a D.C. based peace and social justice activist. He organized the first anti-war protest at the White House during Obama's administration, and the largest protest at Quantico, Virginia during Chelsea Manning's abusive incarceration there. Less than two...

Kenny Shelton Jr.

Black Lives Matter, UN Gender Equality Task Force, Open Primaries, YPDA, Pay Our Interns

Marty Harrison

Marty Harrison is a Healthcare worker in Philadelphia. A union and social justice activist she is also a long time member Socialist Alternative.

Rocky Anderson

2-term Mayor of Salt Lake City Co-founder of the Justice Party and Presidential candidate

Priscilla Grim

Writer and coordinator for OccupyWallStreet.NYC, co-founder of RealPunkRadio.com

Nick Brana

Draft Bernie for a People’s Party, founder. Former National Political Outreach Coordinator with Bernie 2016 and former Electoral Manager with Our Revolution.

Araquel Bloss

Progressive Independent Party, Founder & Co-creator Occupy Inauguration