Full Schedule

September 8th 2017

Friday Afternoon

1:30 PM: Rally on the National Mall
Meet at the corner of 7th St. and Madison Drive

With Jimmy Dore, Tim Black, Kshama Sawant & John F. O’Donnell

2:30 PM: Delivery of the Draft Bernie petition to Sen. Sanders
We head straight from the National Mall to his office

Friday Evening

At American University Washington College of Law/Grossman Hall

8 PM Plenary Session:
Building the Movement to Defeat the Right – With Eljeer Hawkins, David Swanson, Eleanor Goldfield, Calvin Priest

10 PM Live StandUp Comedy Show
Featuring Jimmy Dore, Ron Placone, Stef Zamorano, Lee Camp, Tim Black

12 AM Late night meet and greet with the comedians

Saturday September 9th

American University Washington College of Law/Grossman Hall

10 AM Plenary Session:
Paths to a People’s Party – With Gar Alperovitz, 
Medea Benjamin, Allison Renville, Dan LaBotz, Tom Crean

12 PM: Box Lunch – Yuma Courtyard

1-6 PM: Panels and Workshops

Yuma Building classrooms

1:00-2:30 PM Session One:

Fighting Racism in the Era of Trump: Jacqueline Luqman, Kenny Shelton, Eljeer Hawkins, Karena Acree-Paez, Yahne N’dgo, Asa Khalif
Back From the Brink Stopping the War Machine: Medea Benjamin, Lee Camp, David Swanson, Linda Thompson, Eugene Puryear
Social Media & Social Movements: Priscilla Grimm, Steve Grumbine, Ida Martinac
Rebuilding a Fighting Labor Movement: Dan La Botz, Marty Harrison

2:45-4:15 PM Session Two:

Election Integrity: Making Sure Votes Count: Paul Thomas, Lulu Friesdat, Bob Fitzrakis, Bill Simpich, Adam Friedman
What is Democratic Socialism? Calvin Priest, Sarko, Ryan Mosgrove, Dan La Botz
Breaking the Stranglehold of Corporate Media: Tyrel Ventura, Tabetha Wallace, Jordan Chariton, Jacqueline Luqman, Jim Vrettos

Independent Politics & Left Coalition Parties: Araquel Bloss, Brian Jones, Kevin Zeese, Jon Lancelot, Darryl Moch 

The New Human Rights Movement: Peter Joseph

4:30-6:00 PM Session Three:

From Standing Rock to Flint – Issues of Environmental Justice: Jordan Chariton, Scott Smith, Felicia Teter, Karena Acree-Paez
The Future of Media: Lee Camp, Tim Black, Eleanor Goldfield, Jimmy Dore, Ron Placone, Stef Zamorano
Lessons from History – Movements that Sought to Reform the Democratic Party: Dan La Botz, Kevin Zeese, Jill Stein
Single-Payer Health Care – How do we Achieve It?: Marty Harrison, Russell Mokiber, Dr. Margart Flowers, (DUH) Sue Saltmarsh, Aiko R. Dorr-Dorynek

6 PM: Dinner – Options In Tenleytown

8 PM:

Draft Bernie Town Hall Featuring
Cornel West, Kshama Sawant, Jimmy Dore and Nick Brana


9:30 PM: Reception on The Quad

Sunday September 10th

American University Washington College of Law/Grossman Hall

10 AM Plenary Session:
Progressive Prospects in 2018 and 2020 – With Jill Stein, Araquel Bloss, Peter Joseph, Jackie Salit, Brian Jones

12 PM: Lunch – Options in Tenleytown

1:30-4:45 PM: Panels and Workshops

Yuma building classrooms

1:30 PM: Session Four
Electoral Strategies for Progressive Policies: Victor Tiffany, Russel Mokiber, Robert Caldwell, Kevin Zeese
Defending Dreamers, Immigrants, and Refugees: Deya Aldana, Rod Brana
Modern Monetary Theory: Steve Grumbine
“Awake – A Dream From Standing Rock” movie screening: Allison Renville, Karena Acree-Paez

3:15 PM: Session Five
Our Ultimate Vision The Fight for a Better World: Anthony Rogers-Wright, Yahne N’dgo, Jamarl Thomas, Eleanor Goldfield, Nick Brana
Progressive Parties – Prospects for Collaboration: Jeremy Hansen, Brian Jones, Jill Stein, Soni Biehl, Araquel Bloss
Nonviolent Direct Action Training: Pete Perry